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Pantry Cupboard

From £5,000

The exterior of this pantry cupboard pictured features a plain shaker style with reeded glass in the top panels and a traditional cornice and plinth, along with butt hinges and long pull handles.

The interior is just as beautiful, made in lacquered oak with a slate top, doubling up as a cold shelf, spice and bottle racks on both doors, one full width shelf and one cut-away shelf. There are three drawers, two of which are deep pan-style drawers.

There is plenty of scope for customising your pantry cupboard, for example switching reeded glass to wired glass, or a decorative metal grill; opting for a marble-esque quartz top, a painted interior, extra shelves, drawer inserts, door-operated lighting, different handles and can be hand-painted in a colour of your choice – we can include a cut-out for electrical socket access also.

All shelves feature a traditional shark teeth design, which makes adjusting shelves easier and avoids the peg and hole fitting.

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