The best integrated kitchen appliances for avid cooks and foodies this British Food Fortnight

British Food Fortnight this year runs from 17th September to 2nd October, providing an ideal opportunity to try out ambitious recipes and celebrate the best of British produce. Established in 2001, British Food Fortnight was created to encourage the public to buy British food and support local farmers.

British Food Fortnight was a success from day one, and every year communities across the country take part in the form of food festivals, menu promotions and local produce being sold in small and larger retailers. The event also encourages shoppers to actively seek out British food – inspiring us to create recipes from locally sourced produce and to indulge in the very best Britain has to offer.

Enter integrated kitchen appliances: the most sleek and practical kitchen design choice for foodies. An integrated appliance is one that sits embedded within your units, whether this be behind a cupboard door or exposed. Unlike freestanding devices, integrated appliances can be tailored to suit you whilst creating a seamless profile to your kitchen. Listed below are just some of the ways this stylistic feature can be used to aid your cooking – and eating! – experience this British Food Fortnight.

Simplify your culinary space

Key kitchen appliances such as ovens and hobs can be integrated to make cooking less of an effort. Ovens can be positioned at the most convenient height for you and your family to prevent constant bending over, and the remaining space below and above the appliance can be filled with handy cupboards storing baking trays, loaf tins and any other cooking implements. An integrated hob offers a sleek finish and creates a seamless profile – adding to the elegant feel of your kitchen.

Have your cooling appliances suit you

Hidden fridges and freezers create a contemporary look to the kitchen with your appliances sitting flush against the wall. This frees up space around counters, cupboards and islands, resulting in a more spacious, open feel to your culinary space. Why not also consider adding a seamless wine cooler to your array of devices, making sure the best of the British wine stays cool without taking up more space in the kitchen?

Make cleaning up a breeze

Dishwashers and washing machines can also be integrated, adding to the refinement of your kitchen. Hiding white goods behind cupboard doors helps to maintain a chosen aesthetic appearance across your whole kitchen, uninterrupted by large, modern appliances. Having your cleaning machines hidden from sight also gives you the freedom to mix and match your appliances, as there is no need to consider if their appearances complement each other.

Save on space

Integrated appliances help free up precious worktop space to make your recipes. They grant your kitchen a much less cluttered feel, which is essential in smaller or open-plan kitchens, whilst simultaneously reducing any noise that may come from them, allowing you to enjoy your spread of local produce in peace. Some of our favourite brands who feature integrated appliances include Sub Zero & Wolf and Caple, who will work with you to create a sleek and efficient cooking space.

Whilst integrated appliances cannot be moved, the freedom they provide for you to design your kitchen to suit your personal cooking needs is a significant positive. Enjoy creating new and exciting recipes from the best Britain has to offer in a sleek and practical space, all in the comfort of knowing whatever you need is just behind a beautifully handcrafted door. Whether your kitchen is limited on space, or you are just after a sophisticated appearance, integrated appliances streamline your kitchen, creating a practical yet elegant space for you to embrace the plethora of food available this fortnight. 

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