Bringing The Indoors Out For National BBQ Week

As the dusky summer nights begin to grow longer and more frequent, the sense of joy and togetherness that summer brings is very much beginning to fill the air. It is at this point in the year where everyone begins to start spending as much time outside as possible – not only to start prepping for a luscious summer tan but to more importantly, enjoy the magic that a summer barbecue brings. 

It’s National BBQ Week, so we thought there was no better time to share our top tips for bringing the indoors out, creating a luxury outdoor space for your family and guests – one that will keep you out way past sundown

1. Integrate your cooking mechanism 

Although not the focal point of the actual garden, your barbecue, pizza oven or outdoor oven is an area that gets a lot of attention – it will certainly be a focal point for people to congregate as well as warm them up as the sun disappears. We suggest you create a unit in which your grill or oven can slot in and be integrated into a main surface top. This will allow easy transfer of food to plates and, before you know it, start to give you the functionality of a kitchen. It will also prevent the barbecue becoming an isolated element of the garden. 

By crafting your design to mould perfectly around your barbecue or oven, the space receives a beautifully coherent but also practical feel. Instead of feeling like you are in unfamiliar territory, the layout will instantly make you feel at ease as you sear your sausages and give that delicious edge to your veg.

2. Incorporate ample outdoor storage

We have all been there… ferrying plates, cutlery, condiments and, if you’re anything like us at Christopher Peters, jugs full of Pimms from inside the house to the garden. By integrating plenty of storage into your outdoor design, you can eradicate the need for all this ferrying folly and finally have everything you need at your fingertips as you enjoy your feast of grilled goodness. 

At Christopher Peters, we’re experts when it comes to storage solutions. We relish the challenge more than most people relish their burgers. We always focus on fusing style and practicality, never letting our customers settle for less than both.

3. Go the whole hog – throw the kitchen sink at your garden

We like to suggest the set-up of a water supply and a sink to enhance the level of functionality of your outdoor kitchen. Its practical value is immense – no more ignoring the grill until next time you decide to fire it up. Plus a striking sink, paired with taps made from exposed copper piping, will create a classic and rustic look that beautifully complements most outdoor spaces.

4. Add a lounge area 

If your aim is for you and your guests to spend as much time as possible outside, adding a lounge area to your cooking and dining space will encourage people to stay outside for longer. If you make it comfy with elements such as sofas and cushions, you can also place cosy blankets ready to use as sunset hits. 

This is your best opportunity to bring the indoors outside. Inward-facing furniture encourages togetherness, and a wonderful evening of vibrant conversation can ensue. These good times will go well into the night, as you create more memories with the ones you care about.

5. Natural hard stone worktops

Natural tones, colours and materials are the way to go for your surface tops. Hard-wearing materials won’t lose colour over time, nor will they wear in harsh conditions. 

There are an abundance of tones and textures available, so consider several different kinds of plush stone worktops – sulphuric yellow, hematite grey or off-white marble are all excellent choices for an outdoor space.

Designing and installing an outdoor kitchen is a big commitment, and it’s important you take time to consider what you are going to need, what is going to look good and what is going to make you feel relaxed. The space will play a huge part in some of the happiest and most memorable moments of your year – so it’s important to get it right. The good thing is, we are here to help.

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