What makes Christopher Peters different?

Luxury kitchen brands and bespoke interior designers can often be found vying for the attention of their client base. Whether this be through lavish set pieces or ostentatious furniture, to us, it usually seems silly and superficial. The fact still remains, though, it’s important to stand out, so instead of just showcasing our beautiful kitchens and leaving it to chance, we thought we’d tell you about them too. 

Here is our list of nine things about Christopher Peters that makes us different to any other kitchen brand:

1. Timeless sourcing 

We give our clients the opportunity for vintage and traditional materials and elements to fit the pre-existing conditions of the kitchen. Some kitchens are timepieces in their own right, so implementing contemporary elements to it can just make it look and feel confused. 

 Our unrivalled sourcing can find the most obscure materials and colours in the most pristine condition, meaning there’s almost no style we can’t match and no challenge too steep. We relish catering to the peculiarities that are found in so many old British homes and kitchens.

2. Inventive and stylish storage solutions

Function can often be an obstacle to style. But our experience, as well as the experience of our creative design team, means we regularly create inventive and stylish storage solutions for our clients. 

Take this wardrobe, for example. We had a case where a client needed more storage space but was restricted by the angular nature of their walls.

We set about creating this unconventional wardrobe which afforded them extra storage, whilst seamlessly fitting with the proportions of their bedroom. It also ended up looking rather striking and being a real talking point.

3. Our unique design process

We sit down with you during the design process, which is when your thoughts and ideas start to take shape. We get to know all about your dreams, your practical considerations, how your new kitchen or bespoke furniture piece will be used and where it will fit into your home. This is an opportunity to get to know you, your personality, inspirations and style.

Your design will reflect these qualities and help us produce an installation that is unique to you. Your initial thoughts, guided by our expertise and experience, will evolve into a working design and carefully planned proposal.

For designs that are part of a larger build or extension project, we work with your architects, sharing drawings and plans so that every item is an exact fit when we install our pieces.

4. Impeccable and Seamless 

At Christopher Peters, we like metronomic accuracy. In all our kitchens, we ensure our measurements are impeccable to the most acute degree, guaranteeing an absolutely seamless fit. From a practical basis, this eradicates the opportunities for mould and dust to form. And from an aesthetics standpoint, well, just have a look for yourself…

5. Complete dexterity  

Christopher Peters doesn’t do trends or have a signature look – we just ensure that we invest in and share your vision to make the most beautiful kitchen with the finest materials possible. Whether it be contemporary or classical, quirky or quaint, we will extract the blueprint in your head into a kitchen that’s drop dead gorgeous.

6. Taking pride in the challenge

We are not limited to just kitchens, storage units, open shelving and wardrobes. We create all types of cabinetries and furniture due to our unbelievably talented design team who love to be challenged.

7. High quality, built to last

There is added value in our designs; our sourcing team use the best materials to ensure your kitchen will last a lifetime, and that means a lifetime of pride and joy in sharing your dream kitchen. 

Moreover, should you ever come to sell your home, your kitchen and interiors’ value will never diminish.

8. Maximisation of space 

The challenge is what excites us – the opportunity to grant someone the gift of space they thought was not possible is what we love. Function, form and style combined is the recipe to forever being house proud.

We relish the chance to transform an otherwise awkward room into a unique installation, and using our ingenuity to solve a problem our clients thought unsolvable is a special feeling we never get tired of.

9. See for yourself

Here’s a selection of before and after shots of a kitchen renovation that we recently completed. And we like to think the results are clear to see! Here you can see the real impact that our seamless runs of cabinetry have and how the quality of our finish draws the eye around the entire space. Our clever use of tonal finishes, beautiful materials and practical storage solutions takes this kitchen from lifeless and cluttered to open and welcoming. 

To book a free consultation with our expert design team, call us on 01926 832511.

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