Technology in the Home

As modern technology advances and more aspects of our daily lives become automated – thanks to Alexa, wireless charging and the various ‘can’t live without’ kitchen appliances – our homes are more online now than ever before. But having convenience at the touch of a button or a simple voice command can sometimes cause an unfortunate compromise on style and is particularly important to get right within a period property. So, is there a way to successfully integrate the latest technological appliances and devices in the home, without taking away from the overall design aesthetic? Yes! 

Firstly, it is good to consider exactly which technology is imperative for the kitchen and which technology can be housed elsewhere in the home. Secondly, it is about balance and having some technology on display and some technology hidden from view. Technology on display would ideally be designed to be easy on the eye as well as functional, but also consider that it does not necessarily need to sit on a worktop taking up space, it can be housed on open shelving or on an open-ended island.

Integrated technology is a more obvious answer to the function vs aesthetics conundrum, for example coffee machines flush within cabinetry, rather than freestanding, boiling water taps rather than kettles and even wireless charging zones within your worktop.

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