Appliances: On Show or Behind Closed Doors?

Whilst we still design many kitchens with freestanding appliances, particularly due to them sitting so well with an un-fitted kitchen (who doesn’t love the ubiquitous SMEG fridge), the majority of our clients opt for integrated appliances within a fitted kitchen. However, a further design choice is whether to have the integrated appliances on show or hidden behind cabinetry fronts.

There are no fixed rules as to which you should opt for and ultimately it’s down to one’s personal preference, however, it can often follow that completely hidden works best in a more traditional setting and completely on display suits a more contemporary setting, though exposed appliances can help balance a very traditional kitchen and just need configuring in the right way: for example built-in ovens will obviously need to be on display but your fridge freezer can be concealed behind cabinetry or keep your fridge freezer frontage on show but have an appliance housing built around it to both soften the look and provide valuable extra storage.

If your kitchen is very much a kitchen and living space combined, then again hiding your appliances can make the space feel less utilitarian and if you want your kitchen defined as a working area, then appliances on display help with the distinction from the other areas of the house.

If you would like your appliances on display but wish for them to appear less obvious, you could look at painting your units darker and opting for black appliances rather than stainless steel ones so that they ‘disappear’ within the cabinetry, however, if you wish for your appliances to be proudly displayed then go for it, after all, who can resist a divine stainless steel Sub-Zero fridge freezer standing grandly in your kitchen.

Factoring in cupboard space for your microwave means you can hide it away when not in use and, by incorporating a coffee station into your larder design, clunky coffee machines – and all of the beans and pods that go with it! – can also be tucked away. All of these appliances can be incorporated into the design of your kitchen so it’s your stunning worktops, cabinetry and flooring who are the stars of the show.

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