New year, new dream kitchens: the hottest kitchen trends for 2021

As 2020 draws to a close it’s safe to say here at Christopher Peters Kitchens & Interiors we are looking forward to the prospects the new year will bring. Whether that’s a short-lived dalliance with Pilates, a commitment to getting the house in order or just dreams of finally being able to socialise again, the new year promises a fresh chapter. If your priority is getting your home up to scratch, why not get ahead of the curve by doing your research now?

To help get your creative juices flowing (before the new year champagne flows), here’s our pick of the hottest kitchen trends for 2021.

Great integrations
Going to the effort of installing a beautiful kitchen, especially when opting for a more traditional or classic style, can make the consideration of how and where to install appliances even more difficult. Kitchens in 2021 will prioritise the clean lines and style features of the room, with the most modern of appliances hidden from view.

Factoring in cupboard space for your microwave means you can hide it away when not in use and, by incorporating a coffee station into your larder design, clunky coffee machines – and all of the beans and pods that go with it! – can also be tucked away. All of these appliances can be incorporated into the design of your kitchen so it’s your stunning worktops, cabinetry and flooring who are the stars of the show.

Try tonal
Two-tone kitchens are a relatively modern trend but one that promises to stick around for the foreseeable. Opting for two complementary colour groups when designing your kitchen is a great tool for injecting a sense of creative flair into such a functional space. Feel free to be as adventurous as you want when picking your colour groupings but, to guarantee longevity, stick with one neutral tone – cream, grey or off-white, for instance – and something a little more fun for your statement colour. Rich, olive green and navy blue will add depth and a feel of luxury, whilst airy pastel hues will open the space up.

One of a kind
A bespoke design means not only will your kitchen be unique, it will be built to last. A real consideration in 2021 is ensuring your kitchen space fits the needs of your family, with more of us utilising every nook and cranny in our home than ever before. A bespoke design will ensure all storage possibilities are maximised, that all of your needs are met and, most importantly, your kitchen fulfils every dream you have for the space.

Simple living
Clean, bright tones will have a real moment in 2021, as families minimise clutter and focus on the core function of the kitchen – productivity. Gone are the days where the kitchen was solely a place to cook meals and fold laundry. Now, the kitchen is a homework station, office, social space – or will be again very soon, with any luck! – and the hub of the home. So, by minimising clutter and opting for quality storage solutions, worktops and tabletops become places to showcase your décor and much-loved family photos.

Classic styles never go out of fashion
One thing we can be sure of in 2021 – if nothing else – traditional-style kitchens will still top the trend list. Classic designs with quality finishes are an investment for the long term which can then be paired with different accessories over the years.

However you want to inject your own sense of creativity into your kitchen space in 2021, now’s the time to consider your must-haves and your lust-haves, so we can create the kitchen of your dreams.

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