Supplier Focus on Armac Martin

Armac Martin is a Birmingham based, luxury brass hardware company that was founded in 1929 by Harold McGrail under the name Armac and passed onto his son, Bryan, following his retirement in 1988 Bryan continued to develop and expand the business including increasing export to countries all over the world until his own retirement in the nineties. Today Armac Martin (rebranded in 2012) is led by the founder’s grandsons Paul and Mark who are very respectful of the heritage of the brand and still uphold all of the original values that were embedded over 90 years ago.

Armac Martin’s beautiful brass hardware is of the highest quality and every single piece is hand-finished. Brass, which has a rich history dating back to 1400 B.C., can achieve an array of different finishes including polished, antique, burnished and can be plated with other metals like nickel and chrome. Style-wise their products range from traditional to eclectic to modern, so there is a handle style and finish to suit every age, style and colour of kitchen or furniture piece. They also create lacquered and unlacquered pieces to allow for a ‘living’ finish that changes over time depending on use, giving you a truly bespoke evolving finish.

By Jenny Lester

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