Bespoke Pantry / Larder Cupboards

The word “pantry” derives from the Old French paneterie from the French pain, which is in turn from the Latin panis meaning “bread”. The definition of a pantry is an area where food and provisions or linens and tableware is stored. The term “larder” also originates from an Old French word lardier, from medieval Latin lardarium, where raw meats were lardered (covered in fat). It is an area dedicated to storing food that requires cooler conditions. Today the terms “pantry” and “larder” are largely interchangeable and both provide a huge amount of storage and allow items to be easily accessible whilst also out of sight. We have created many pantry areas, often incorporating a slab of quartz or marble to function as a cool shelf, therefore emulating a larder. If you do not have a stand-alone room for a dedicated pantry or larder, then a fitted or freestanding bespoke pantry cupboard is a fantastic option.

Tailored completely to your needs it can incorporate a mixture of shelving and drawers with racks on the internal doors for condiments and spices. We can include internal lighting and sockets for electrical items like toasters and coffee makers.

If your pantry cupboard is a freestanding piece, then consider having it painted it in a bold colour to make it into a feature, adding some fun and drama to your kitchen. Alternatively, if it is fitted and forming part of a run of units, painting everything in the same colour creates a seamless look. We can keep your cupboard fronts nice and simple, or customise with cut-outs, glass and grilles.

By Jenny Lester

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